Trends Of Green Data Center And Its High Availability in Cloud Computing

Data Storage is the need of the hour. The world needs some substantial resource that could replicate the efficiency of real-time Data Centres without causing much impact on Environment. In the recent years, Big Biz Companies like Apple, Google, E-bay and like are giving a nod to Green Data Centres and welcoming change for greater good. A green data centre makes efficient use of renewable source of energy to store, manage and disseminate data by curbing the use of carbon largely.

Natural Assets to Virtualization Methods:

If we were to believe the reports, a green data centre cloud architecture can save up to 27% of energy. Analysts are pressing upon the fact that Cloud Computing is the emerging divine alternative to all our dilemma and practising the same could help curb the menace of traditional IT carbon footprints. ‘Go Green’ is the main agenda behind Green Data Centers. Per said, it makes the use of alternative energy technologies such as photovoltaics, heat pumps, and evaporative cooling which ultimately reduces environmental impacts.

Disaster recovery technique could put many companies in a sorry state given that they might need to shell out large amount of money in its setup if done the traditional way. In contrast, Virtualization gives its users the luxury of time, money and space. Moreover, It has an added advantage to access and manipulate the data, virtually from any corner of the world and help industries achieving their environmental goals.

Enhanced Strategies Administering the Data Center:

Well, talking about the green data-centre, what all is expected from such a data centre? An ideal green data centre should be user and manager-Friendly! It should provide the user with the viability of VoIP implementation, storage and network architecture and consolidation. If running out of electricity, the critical data must be protected at any cost with the data centres. Moreover, Green Data Centres should provide the employees with a healthy and workable atmosphere.

Cloud Computing accounts to store the data in a virtual space, having no physical existence. Per popular belief, the place of storage can be same, but the location of users may differ resembling a cloud. Hence the name ‘Cloud Computing. GreenCloud is an IDC architecture which aims to reduce the power consumption of the data centres, keeping in check the user’s perspective. Researchers are searching for an optimum solution to schedule decision-making by making the whole migration of virtual machine dynamically.

Green data Centre - Need of the hour

Success In Constructing A Data Centre

At first, the plant construction requires a lot of efforts. Moreover, the certifying process is time-consuming and costly as well. But once installed, the costs are gradually reduced or compensated for in the long run and companies make big profits. It minimizes the footprints of buildings, uses low emission building materials, and recycles water and waste. Big Companies like Wipro, Apple, e-Bay and Google have attained success in building efficient cum environment-friendly green data centres leaving less scope of carbon footprints.